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Motivational and Environmental

Karla will share with high school students how her love for the Planet set the path she had to follow personally and professionally. She shares how important it is to speak English and study to improve our life. By improving our quality of life, by making our dreams come true, we’re also helping our Planet.

About the conference:

The conference starts with a 5 minute video where Karla shares some of her own footage while filming in Africa. When the video comes to an end, she makes a promise to the students. A promise where she commits to respect their comments and questions, a promise to never make fun on anyone. She then shares her story as a victim of bullying so that the students understand that bullying has to stop.

She then opens a dialogue with the students and asks about their dreams. Most of them know, some don’t, which is why it is so important for her to inspire and motivate them to dream big.

Then she finally takes over and shares her own story. How did a Mexican woman made it all the way to South Africa to work for Animal Planet? Was it easy? How long did it take her? What did her loved ones think of this dream?

After sharing her story, Karla shares an 8 minute video from “Unearthed”, Animal Planet’s docu-reality show. In this particular video, Karla shares an action sequence that made an impact on her professional career.


Film it, Convención de Cinematografía y Video, SeLider Querétaro.

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    25 September, 2018 8:00 am
    25 September, 2018 9:30 am
    CETMAR 36


    Karla Munguia Colmenero