Karla Munguía Colmenero

A story you should know

Karla Munguía Colmenero was 10 years old when she saw the image that would change her view of life: a family living in outer space. This family was part of an attraction on a theme park. The members were holding hands, floating in a spaceship. Behind them, through a small round window, Karla noticed an image of Planet Earth.

“Why are we going to live in outer space? What are we going to do to the Planet that we’ll have to leave?”, those were the questions that haunted her.

In that moment, at that early age, Karla knew that she was going to dedicate her life to the Planet. And the Planet heard her.

Karla on Animal Planet

Beating 34,000 other entries, Karla was one of 6 Finalists in Animal Planet ‘Unearthed’, a docu-reality TV series in 2006 .

Camera Operator in Africa

Karla spent three years working in South Africa as Camera Operator and Off Line Editor for Animal Planet series “Shamwari: A Wild Life”.

The Elephant

While her years in South Africa, Karla took care of an orphaned African elephant while documenting the story about him and his best friend, a sheep for National Geographic's ``Wild and Woolly``.


Karla is Ambassador for the film Keiko, The Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy, in which she hopes to raise awareness about animals in captivity.

Karla in One Strange Rock, documentary series produced by Nutopia and National Geographic.

List of the topics Karla talks about during her conferences

What do Karla has to say?


As a victim of bullying herself from 5th grade to 9th, Karla shares how an elephant and a sheep lived in harmony. During this conference Karla shares a video for this storytelling with images that she filmed herself and where children can see how the three of them were best friends even when they were three different species.


To Karla is very important to motivate and inspire children, teenagers and young adults to fight for their dreams. The challenges she had to face to become a camerawoman for Animal Planet is an example that she shares with the students in both public and private schools.


Every single decision that Karla has taken throughout her life has been inspired by what she thinks the Planet needs from her.
From the university career she chose, to the products she uses on her every day life. During her conferences, she shares useful information with the students in order to reduce our impact and apply daily habits that can improve our life and the rest of the Planet’s life.

Karla Munguía's events and conferences

Sign up in events and conferences
Beach Clean-up December

Beach Clean-up December

We would love to have your presence, but if you can not, you could help us with a donation. The planet needs you!
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
Beach Clean-up November

Beach Clean-up November

We would love to have your presence, but if you can not, you could help us with a donation. The planet needs you!
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
World Day of Oceans

World Day of Oceans

Do not miss this Friday, June 8, 3 conferences by Karla Munguia! The conferences will begin at 08:00 and end at 1:00 p.m. Free pass!
Conference My Wild Life

Conference My Wild Life

Motivational and Environmental Karla will share with high school students how her love for the Planet set the path she had to follow personally and professionally.

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The Planet is in my hands


Thanks for so much knowledge and experiences

You spread to all of us your energy, commitment, freedom to choose, humbleness and empathy to life! Special beings are the ones that one truly feels in life. Those are the ones who inspire us to keep moving. To me, you’re a role model. Keep living the dream, I will always follow you so I can be filled with optimism and hope

Luz Arredondo,
Eco-Club, John F. Kennedy School.

Kids returned happy and filled with knowledge and consciousness. You’ve planted a seed that is up to us, parents, to keep cultivating. Thank you so much”.  

Sharon Morlett,
Mother of a student in Colegio Washington.

To listen to kids in 9th grade saying that they want to pursue their biggest dreams, like be an NFL player, conquer the World (not like Pinky and The Brain). This is the first conference where I don’t fall asleep, I really liked you, Karla. ‘Miss, how long is Karla going to be here?’. Many wanted to be closer to you. I’m glad that kids know and feel that there’s people out there who reach their dreams, and they can listen to you, see you and touch you. Thank you”.

Irma Ruiz Monforte,
Maestra Nueva Generación.

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